church history

  • The history of Greater St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church was started as a brush arbor, December 27, 1880 by approximately twenty-five people who had been given land by Eli and Ann Prater. Through hard work, dedication and prayer, the members were able to build a church in 1902, the St. Paul Baptist Church. They were also able to purchase property on Silver Street and build the first parsonage. This property was later sold and the Church bought the land next to the church on which a parsonage was erected. [...]
  • During the early years of the church, there were many pastors. In 1950, under the pastorage of Rev. R. S. Shorty, the church on Palmetto Street was erected. While the building was under construction, St. Paul held services at Harris Funeral Home for two years. “Greater” was added to St. Paul when services were held in the new building. Rev. Shorty became disabled and retired after serving 12 years as Pastor of the Church. Again, there were many pastors down through the years but the Church continued to grow. In 1975, the Church was blessed with another spiritual leader Brother B. E. Blackmon and family. Under his leadership the church was spiritually and financially blessed. The Church was blessed to make many changes to the existing structure.
  • In 1988, with God’s help the church purchased an additional lot on the south side of the parsonage and in October 1989, the Church paid off a $55,000 church improvement loan. In December of 1990, the church purchased from its building fund the old Sam Guinn Stadium, 1.8 acres of fenced land and a storage building, both to be used for future development. On June 19, 1994, Greater St. Paul held a Homecoming Celebration on the building site, Crescent and Ash Streets where excitement was in the air because the Pastor and members have committed their efforts to erect a new and more serviceable building to worship in.


    God is on our side, we are doing a great work, and we cannot cease and leave that which we have started. (Neh.6:1-9) Continuing the dream and vision of building, ground was broken in June of 1995. Construction of the new Greater St. Paul Baptist Church had its beginning in March 1996.   A beautiful edifice was dedicated on December 15, 1996 for the spreading of the gospel and the edification of His Holy name.

  • On December 10, 2006 was a blessed date for members and friends of Greater St. Paul Baptist Church as the $800,000 mortgage on the church was paid off after ten years and a “Mortgage Burning” was held. After serving Greater St. Paul as pastor for 24 ½ years, Brother B. E. Blackmon answered the call November 7, 1999 to Mount Zion Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas.  After much prayer and waiting on the Lord. [...]

  • God blessed us through the following years with Rev. W. L. Robinson serving as interim pastor, Rev. Paul Rodgers who served for one year and Rev. Tommie L. Howard who served for eight years. In 2010, Associate Minister, Rev. Kenneth R. Gulley was elected by the Church as the interim pastor. In February 2011, after prayer and fasting, Rev. Kenneth R. Gulley was called as Pastor of Greater St. Paul Baptist Church.

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